"About as welcome as a leper in a hot tub, this monster sucks the life outta the party.  Have a plan; stick to it.  You ain't doin' anyone any favors if you're gulpin' air like a fish outta water.  You may not know when this monster is gonna show up, but be ready to show it the business side of yer boot."

Cardiovascular Disease

"A bum ticker's nothin' to joke about. Don't shove it to the back burner and forget about it...if ya do, don't come lookin' for me when everything goes up in flames.  Get yerself checked out. Regularly. I wouldn't chance it, and you shouldn't either.  The clock's ticking...don't be an idjit."

Multiple Sclerosis

"There ain't many things that'll jerk yer tail in a knot quicker than yer body giving up before the rest of ya.  This monster deep fries your wiring faster than an Oreo at a carnival.  Keep yer socks on and start puzzlin' a plan together.  Here's a whole heap of pieces to get you started."


"Failure is part of life, kiddo. If you don't fail, you don't learn, and let's face it, if you don't learn, y'never change. What I'm trying to say is, don't let success go to yer head and don't let failure get to yer heart.  You can change yer path without changing your goal." 

*see Self-Hatred, Discouragement, Anxiety, Guilt, Lousy Day