Welcome to the Fleet

A perpetual family reunion.

Family don't end with blood

You are a Hunter.

Sam and Dean Winchester hunt ghosts, demons, and monsters.

You hunt depression. You hunt sickness. You hunt eating disorders. You hunt hunger. You hunt abuse. You hunt loneliness. You hunt discouragement. You hunt heartbreak. You hunt suicide. You hunt lousy days.

You are part of the Supernatural family of Hunters. In this wonderfully crazy family, you are important, needed, and unconditionally loved.

Imagine an endless line of sweet old cars following the Winchester Impala to the horizon, a fleet of Hunters who ride in different cars, but all in the same direction. This is the Supernatural Fleet. It is full of resources, support, and community for you—all freely given, because you are family, and that is what family does.

Whether you know it or not, you have been hunting all your life. It is time to make it official.

Join the Fleet


This is the heart of the Supernatural Fleet. It doesn't matter how "impressive" or "insignificant" your deal may seem to you—it's your Hunt. You deserve backup, and this where you will get it.

If you're part of the Supernatural Fleet, your hunt is our hunt, so tell us about it!

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Sam and Dean want to reach out to you individually. They want to hear about your hunt and give you something to hold onto. A legacy in your life. And they'll do it for free, because you are their family.

Need a boost from one of the boys? You got it!

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Call Bobby

Nobody can beat Bobby Singer's research skills. He's here for the boys and for you, too. Bobby may tell you to do something that looks impossible or pointless. However, as a living force for good, you are worth a try. This help is all here for you.

Your monster got you stumped? Bobby's been researching it.

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