Call Bobby

When Sam and Dean run into trouble, Bobby Singer is just a phone call away. He is here for you, too.

This is his list of monsters. Each monster has links to internet resources for its defeat. If the resources are not exactly what you need, let them jump-start your own research.

Bobby may tell you to do something that looks impossible or pointless. However, as a living force for good, you are worth a try. You are worth even half a try. Remember that fresh insight is a silver bullet. A positive affirmation is a sawed-off shotgun in your hand. A supportive forum is a circle of salt. A suicide hotline is a splash of holy water. A little comic to make you laugh is an angel blade tucked into your belt. And a list of manageable steps is a brother or sister covering your six.

This help is all here for you. Now get ganking already, y’idjit!

Monsters to be Ganked

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