About the Team

Admiral Jane.

Ever since she can remember, Admiral Jane has wanted to help others, so when she was struck with the idea for the Supernatural Fleet in the shower one morning, it felt like coming home. She supports Admiral Ann on the resources side of the SuperFleet and is the artist behind the Hunter Snapshots and the soon-to-come paintings of the Fleet’s cars (she freaking loves cars and will someday own a ’71 or ' 72 Corvette T-top).

Admiral Jane discovered Supernatural in February 2014, after which she gorged herself on all nine seasons in six months. At that point, Jane was attempting to fight the depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts that had stalked and cornered her for eight years. She was discovering just how exhausting and long-term the fight would be. It friggin’ sucked and still does. However, watching the Winchesters gank dark nasties made a deep impression on Jane – she suddenly wanted to hunt her depression instead of being its prey. Jane's hunt is far from over, but this deep shift from passive to aggressive is part of the reason she still is alive. Now, she wants to use the SuperFleet to inspire others to stop being prey and become hunters instead.

The Unicorn.

The Unicorn is a native Central Floridian, a recovering spa owner, lapsed equestian, avid reader, wife and mother of two.

Retirement found her binge-watching Netflix, where she discovered a pair of Winchester brothers that reminded her of her own big brothers. Quicker than a riptide grabs a tourist, she was sucked into the most amazing fandom and within that discovered the Admirals Jane and Ann and the Supernatural Fleet. Touched that these fine ladies had started providing support to others in need, she was struck by the idea of returning the favor and sent them a care package, too, thanking them for their empathy and inspiration.

Offering to assist in any manner, she can be found filling a number of shoes and dancing along. The dance moves are a work in progress, but enthusiasm makes it pure entertainment gold.

Admiral Ann.

Admiral Ann has always, always loved stories, to the point of retelling stories word-for-word to anyone who would listen (ask Admiral Jane for confirmation). She stumbled across Supernatural in its 3rd season and has been watching regularly ever since (seriously, the hiatus between season 3 and season 4 was basically torture...leaving people hanging like that). At the time, Ann was struggling with depression and loneliness. Much like Admiral Jane, watching Sam and Dean fight things that go bump in the night as brothers reminded her what an awesome thing family can be when she couldn't be with her own.

Within the fleet, Admiral Ann takes on a myriad of things, including social media and research. By being involved in Supernatural Fleet, Admiral Ann wants to be a help to others who are facing their own monsters cause it's friggin' hard by yourself. Don't have someone on your six? Come on in. We're family here.

The Librarian.

The Librarian was introduced to Supernatural by Admiral Ann during Season 5 and has been a proud Sam girl ever since. She very much enjoys applying fiction to everyday life, especially when that fiction is so frickin' empowering.

The Librarian assists the Admirals in their vision by monitoring emails, updating Hunter info, and organizing mailings.

The Librarian is a Hufflepuff who casually cosplays her favorite characters more often than not and loves a good cuppa.