Care Packages

Sam and Dean contacted the Admirals of the SuperFleet and said they were frustrated they couldn’t personally help hunters like yourself. They wanted a way to reach out to you individually – to leave a legacy in your lives.

So here's how it works: You tell us about yourself and your hunt. We send the info to the Winchesters, and one of them will make up a care package with a personal note for you. They get it to us. We mail it to you.

Clear as mud?



  1. Is a Care Package the same as a Hunter Kit?
    Nope! The Hunter Kit, which includes a postcard and two stickers, is a gift received by every single Hunter who joins the Fleet. Care Packages are totally different, and they only go to Hunters who share their personal stories.

  2. What is in the care packages?
    Care packages have two parts—one from the SuperFleet and one from the Winchesters.

    From the SuperFleet, you will receive some swag as well as a Hunter Snapshot. The Snapshot is a drawing of you hunting with the Winchesters and will be based off the description you write when you submit your hunt.
    • A scan of your Snapshot with your face covered will be posted with your Hunt in the Hall of Hunters (if you agree to have it posted).

    From the Winchesters there will always be a personal note, probably on some isolated motel’s stationary ... and likely a flannel hankie cut out of one of their old shirts. Beyond that, it’s whatever the boys want to send you. They said you won’t be disappointed (the Dean Wink and Sam Dimples appeared at this point in our conversation with the boys).

  3. What do I have to do to get my mitts on one of these?
    a. Register to be a SuperFleet Hunter (no exceptions – you’re part of the family, idjit!)
    b. Share your story for a Hunter Snapshot (you will automatically get a care package with your Snapshot).
    c. Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. We will randomly select people to receive care packages from these sites.
    d. Enter drawings as we announce them.

  4. What if I prefer my care package to be from one brother over the other?
    When you submit your Hunt, you will tell us your preference (Sam, Dean, either). We will go off of that, so make sure you tell us what you want!

  5. What if I’m dying for a package from Castiel, Kevin, etc?
    Care packages from characters beyond Sam and Dean are more difficult to procure and will therefore appear in drawings and contests.

  6. What does a care package cost?
    $0. If you’re on a hunt, you get a care package. End of story.