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  • Hunter30  


    Lately it has been harder and harder for me to get up and get through the day. I considered writing to Jared to ask him what do you do when you just "can't" fight. I somehow manage to get up and slip on one of my keep fighting shirts and drag myself through the day. Lately I realized I accidentally started skipping meals again. I went from 120 (where my inner demon kept taunting me telling me I was getting pretty fat) down to 103 in 2 weeks. For the first time since I was a teenager I was scared. I looked nearly dead and kept having waves of fatigue and black outs from lack of nourishment. I am doing better but clearly I am in need of sunshine and maybe cookies, lol.
  • EbbaAA-web  


    I have been dealing with depression, loneliness, and hiding my emotions for a while now, and it has not been easy. In this past year I have thought of harming myself and I did harm myself by scratching my arm with the pointed end of a crystal and even though it only left a mark for a day it scared me, but I couldn't tell anyone because I have a really hard time talking to other people, and I want to fix myself but I don't know how. I want to be able to ask other people for help, but I'm afraid that they won't care and I'm not sure if I would be able to handle that.
  • Riona-web  


    Since about age 13 I've struggled with issues surrounding anxiety, depression, self image and stress. I was bullied from a very young age because of how I spoke, dressed and generally presented myself. It left me unable to trust almost anyone, including at times my family and closest friends. As I went through my teenage years it was a rollercoaster of a journey, and now aged 16 I'm getting more help, from myself as well as from others. As well as using TV shows like SPN as an escape, I found solace in music, with the highest point of my life being a Fall Out Boy concert in October 2015; I was less than 20 feet from the band who had saved my life, surrounded by people who had been in the same situation as me. While I don't think I'm yet ready to declare victory, I can say that I am still going, and six months ago, I would not have thought that I'd ever make it this far...
  • ChristieL-web  


    A few years ago, I went through a rough patch. My job was downsizing, my health was not good, and my two best friends (who I spent almost all my time with) were pulling away. The girl had been like a sister to me, but this guy came between us, leaving me in bankruptcy and alone...jobless. My lowest point was when I tried  to get him to pay me back money he owed me and he refused, she kept talking with him and I took a handful of pills. Neither noticed. Thank God I made it! Then I discovered Supernatural, got involved with some of the online fans, and met my new best friend because of the character of Lucifer. I've been to a convention, met a few of the guys, and am going to another in January. My life is good, I'm happy and blessed because of this show and the actors. Love them all!  
  • AlexandraJ-web  


    When I was young I have been bullied both by adults and other children. In my first year of secondary, my house burned and my parents divorced 10 days after. I have started to feel alone, sad, useless without self-esteem. It was getting worse each day. I started to think on how to kill myself and I started mutilating myself. When I had 18 years old, I attempt for the second time to kill myself and they diagnosed me as TPL and TDAH and major depression. After 10 years of struggling, I can say that I stop trying to kill myself (I have tried like 20 times but two of them bring me to the hospital), I smile, I laugh and I love myself. Also no more mutilation. It's not easy everyday, but I have fight and I will always keep fighting for me and for the one I love and the one that love me!!
  • AliceH-web  


    I'm currently going through a rough time in my life, I have come out as transgender and my parents just ignored it and have  done for a fairly long time now. It has made me relapse and it's affecting my grades in my exams. My councilor isn't doing anything about it either.
  • Krystal-web  


    I have been sick for over a year. No doctor can find out what's actually causing my sickness. There are days I can't get out of bed because of the sickness. Also there are days I can't even eat. I've been to 3 doctors to GI specialist and my regular doctor. The worst part is I have 3 kids that I barely interact with because of it.
  • Stephanie-web  


    I'm falling into what looks to be yearly migraines that can only be treat with a spinal tap to drain some pressure off. I'm terrified of needles and even having done it before sent me into a panic attack. The migraines are so bad they're putting a stop to me finding work.
  • SarahB-web  


    Asking for help is not something I'm good at, but a fellow hunter has mentioned the fleet to me a few times and I've finally decided to seek some support on my hunt. Depression. It affects way too much of the world, and I'm unfortunately caught in its grip. I've dealt with in unhealthy ways, whether it be drinking until I forget, sleeping away my sadness, and most embarrassing of all, self harming. I'm not proud of it, but I'm also aware of it and have chosen not to change. My specific request for support it whether or not I seek medical advice, or if i can be strong enough mentally to just fix myself on my own. I've been weighing those 2 options for too many years now, and I'm not getting better just hiding from my problems, thinking time itself is going to make it magically go away.
  • Heather-web  


    My depression and anxiety started about 3 years ago when I lost my mom, got kicked out of my parents house, and lived on the streets for a few months. I always feel like I'm no good for anyone or anything. I've always disappointed everyone in my life; even my husband gets disappointed in me a lot, which really hurts. Words hurt more then what people think and I've always heard that I'm no good in the life or this world. I've grown up being bullied all my life so that doesn't help with everything.
  • Lucretia-web  

    Lady Blue

    49 year old woman married to the best man I've ever known.Content for the most part, yet...our intimate life is non existent. I don't know if I'm just hormonal over the menopause or of it's something else. We're also going through recovery from prostate cancer, so intimacy issues are mechanical too. The hunt is this...self doubt about my beauty and desirability and value. It affects everything. Depression is my companion.
  • Kody-web  

    Tragic Mistake

    I've been battling depression for about 2 or 3 years now. I've had suicidal thoughts, attempted once. I hate how much I weigh and how anything looks at me. I've tried to starve myself. I seem to be always tired. I feel hopeless and lonely. My parents are always complaining about the bills and money.
  • Genesis-web  


    I can't afford to eat. My mother and I get food stamps, but it's $20 a month. I have to buy starchy junk that's bad for my mind and body, leading to bad body image and decreased brain function. I feel so stupid and so fat on a daily basis and I don't know what to do. Being vegan doesn't help my financial situation, either.
  • Wioleta-web1  


    Long story short. Lately my depression hits me harder than ever (I was miserable so many times before; I have long episode with self harm in the past). Social anxiety, panic attacks and suicide thoughts are killing me. It's bad. My close "friends" left me when I became too sad. But it's probably my fault (too much whine). Family doesn't care. I can't stop thinking about how my existence is just a waste of space, I feel useless and not good enough. I need a friend. AND A HUG.
  • AimeeV-web  

    Mr. J

    It's hard to say what feeling really. I've been depressed for years now but lately it's getting worse.  For a while I've felt like I'm slipping away from everything. I just have been feeling like I'm numb to the world now. I don't feel happy or get excited anymore, which isn't great, but on the other hand I don't feel angry or sad either.  It's like nothing matters to me, and that worries me the most. I don't feel anything towards hobbies that I used to love, I don't feel anything towards my friends or family much either. I can see it myself that I'm getting more numb and it scares me. I don't want to loose myself to this numbness but I don't know how to come out of it. I'm stuck and would really like some help.
  • AshleyMurray-web  

    Young One

    I grew up in an normal family. I had a mom and dad and two older siblings like any other family. Back in High school my mom passed away. Which just left my dad and I. My two older siblings moved away. Then last summer my dad passed away i was heartbroken. My older siblings lost contact with me. So now I was alone. When i heard about supernatural and saw Sam and Dean then I knew that i was going to be okay. Dean and Sam helped me thrive for success .
  • Savanna-web  


    Idk how i will sum this up into 500 words, but imll try. My hunt started very young.. I have listened to my parents fight my whole life, when i went to school i thought i would be happy to get away, but every school i have gone to i have been bullied by some one, it was either my weight, my height ( i'm 5 ft 1) , my likes, or how I wasn't attractive.i was molested/ raped at age 6 by my cousin.. After the incident we had to move to another state, a new school where i yet again got picked on. This continued throughout middle school and i soon i was diagnosed with clinical depression social anxiety, and began to self harm. My mom and dad have been on and off my whole life but it began to look like war, and i was caught in the middle. Soon i began high school, and was severely picked on buy a group of kids. and On October 13th 2014 I attempted suicide. I took 10 sleeping pills, i never wanted to wake up. I recovered and soon, i fell in love, a navy guy who in the long run cheated and i was his other woman. I know, this is long and i dont want pitty, just support. I mean, who can fight demons for 15 years and still be strong?
  • Melissa-web  


    I have been struggling with bipolar disorder, suicidal ideas and self harm since I was a teenager. I didn't get officially diagnosed until my 20s. I've seen several different psychiatrists and therapists over the years. I've usually have to switch when my health insurance changed. I'm with a great therapist now, but she can't always be with me. She encourages me to lean on my internet friends for support when I can.  I haven't cut in 7 years.
    But the urges are still here. My dad died of cancer in 2014 and I miss him more than anyone knows, which made Thanksgiving hard. Then just before Thanksgiving, I lost my job. I have a job lined up in February, but until then, I'll have no money.
    I'm really depressed and struggling. I'd appreciate any help.
  • Ericka-web  


    I am hunting insecurity and depression. I am at college pursuing a degree in social work with the dream of working with Child Protective services. I am 21 years old and have never been on a date or had a guy interested in me. I often wonder what is wrong with me and why no one thinks I am pretty enough, or interesting enough to date. I might be living the dream and pursuing my goals in college but I frequently struggle with depression and have been suicidal several times throughout my life.... I just want to know I am special and cared about by somebody.
  • Caitlin-web  


    My older sister recently moved in with her boyfriend last month and it's been weird without her here. She's literally the Dean to my Sam (she's four years older than I am, haha). I was so used to calling her over to where I was sitting to show her something that I knew she would like, but then I'd be disappointed because I would remember that she wasn't there anymore. I'm happy that she's moved in with her boyfriend and I'm no longer sad that she's gone because I know that she's only a phone call or text message away if I want to talk to her.
  • JoH-web  


    I am alone. The only people I know hurt me. Not physically, mentally. I have abandonment issues and a fear of intimacy and a low self-image.
  • Mary-web  


    I started writing this as a hunt in process until I realized that this is actually a victory. I recently got married and moved to a new state. Just to clarify I adore my husband! He is wonderful and super supportive...but it's still been a hard transition. Moving away from my family has been the worst. Like the boys, I'm very co-dependent on them and in particular my sisters. Being away from school and getting new jobs has also been rough. I've worked hard to stay positive and give myself room to process but it's still been hard. Visiting my family for summer break was like taking a breath of air. As I drove away I wasn't thrilled with the thought of going back under but that's when I realized that my hunt is my victory. Yes, I just made a huge life change but I'm processing it pretty well. I can call sisters anytime I want, I get to start my own family, and I have a magnificent job loving kids who need it most. Transitions suck sometimes but they don't have to suck forever. Thanks to my people, some superb fiction (thanks boys), and Jesus, I can declare my hunt victorious.
  • HannahMarie-web  


    I have ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety. Those things are hard to manage on their own and let alone all at the same time. I started failing school, I didn't want to be around anyone, and honestly I could've cared less if a car came speeding at me. I would lay in my room for hours wondering if anyone even cared. Would I even be missed? I was failing so I felt like my parents must think I'm no good. I felt ugly, gross, and unlikable. I couldn't talk to anyone if I wanted to, not even to order food or ask for a pencil. After three years of wondering what was wrong with myself, I asked my dad if I could go see someone about it. He told me that I was fine and nothing was wrong with me. That made me feel worse. It made me feel even more so like something was wrong with me. Like I was just too weak to handle it on my own, that I was overreacting, and that it was all my fault that this was happening. I found help in people who understood I needed a friend and that I needed to feel like I was accepted. I needed to understand that everything that was driving me insane, wasn't my fault. That it wasn't something I was doing to myself and it could be helped. I wasn't hopeless. Even though I still struggle some with feeling overwhelmed and anxious, I'm trying my best to learn to control it. Either way, I'm so glad to have such wonderful friends now and because of them I want to help anyone else I can.
  • Ronja-web  


    When I was younger my classmates bullied me and made me believe the things they said about me. I was in an unhealthy friendship and ate a lot back then. Even though I now know that those things aren't true, I always feel guilty for things I really shouldn't feel that much guilt for. I'm afraid of saying or doing something wrong and try to do everything perfectly, but get depressed if it isn't. I'm also scared of crowds - at least when I am alone - I always have the feeling someones following me or watching me. Sometimes I just wish there would be somebody to stand by my side and protect me from the demons of my life. Someone to finally stay.
  • Mishka-web  


    In January I really, really, badly injured my ankle. I slipped and fell, separated the bones and had to have the whole thing rebuilt with a bunch of metal pins through surgery, then was told not to move for 2 months. I was SUPER miserable and lonely, in INSANE amounts of pain and had no independence whatsoever. I couldn't take a single step. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I have to go for a second bout of surgery to have all the metal taken out again. Every day was a grind. I am happy to report however, that 5 months later I am on the road to recovery. I had my last surgery 2 weeks ago, am learning to walk again, and am finally back in the land of the living ready to kick some ass! (And at least all that time locked indoors gave me the chance to watch the entire run of Supernatural again murhur!)
  • Summer-web  


    I don't know when the anxiety and panic attacks started really. They sometimes come out of nowhere. ever since I got back from Christmas break and finished middle school I've had terrible anxiety over sometimes nothing. Now that I'm starting high school I've had attacks more and more. Every time this happens I can't control what happens. I just feel like my life is going to be ran by the anxiety and the attacks. I just want to make them stop and have control over my life. Is there a way to make this stop? I want to deal with this. When I watch supernatural it makes me feel better because sam and dean can over come anything. They show me that you don't have to be afraid of things. You can stand up to anxiety. Supernatural really gives me a hope that my life can change and the anxiety will go away but maybe not who knows? Maybe I can deal with this. Sometimes you have to ride things out. With high school coming up soon  I am afraid that I'll make a fool of myself and be so embarrassed I wont be able to function. I'm really worried that nothing will go right for me next year. I like to imagine Sam and Dean being with me and helping me through this. And it makes me feel slightly better that the brothers could help me to get better. I hope that I can get through this at some point with their help.
  • Latisha-web  


    So I was in a dark place, I didn't realize it but I had depression for the past 5 years. Then I found my way. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and followed it. I found happiness, and I owe it all to my best friend Shakira. Without her, I'm pretty sure I would be dead.... Some times I feel myself falling back into that dark place, but I reach my hand out and she is always there to pull me back up. Don't be afraid to open up to people, because they can help you more then you know.
  • AshleyL-web  


    My hunt, well I'm just finishing my first year of high school and it was difficult but I got through it, passing all my finals, and I'm happy. Ive made a lot of friends, and even met someone great. Hope these next 3 years are the same.
  • Anthony-web  


    I am having a hard time finding a job. In the past month, five places have rejected me outright, telling me so. Depression makes it hard to want to actually look and I can't deal with being rejected so much. I need to be financially stable, but why should I even care? Fast food stresses me out too much.
  • Adena-web  

    Chuck's Little Helper

    Life has curves. So does my body. Scars and all. But that's how I know I'm still okay. From having been raised by an abusive father, to horrible dating experiences with other abusers, rape, depression, anxiety, self harm, PTSD from abuse, anorexia and other self harming that I did to endure my past, I look at myself in the mirror and see a survivor. Much like how each day Sam and Dean keep going. I have my wonderful mother, family, friends and the love of my life by my side now. And I know when I wake up each day that I am a survivor, and more than that, now I can THRIVE. Because all the hurt me HAS made me stronger. Now I do all I can to help others through their trying times because I know that that is how I got through my trials of life.
  • McClelan-web  


    I am having trouble dealing with adult life. I have a full-time job, an ACT test to study for and take, my wisdom teeth need to be extracted, a graduation party to plan, and learning how to drive. (Not to mention adjusting to a new home since I just moved.) It's a bit overwhelming at times.
  • Mikayla-web  


    I recently moved. For the first time in my life actually. During the move, I was fine. Afterwords though it's been a hard transition. I also loved my job before I moved. It was perfect for me. My job transition hasn't been great either. The best part about this move is that I am still with my sister. The Sam to my Dean.
  • try


    I am from a good-sized town, but it’s not a city. I got a job in Chicago in March, so I had to move to the city by myself. I felt niave and vulnerable – had no idea where to go…I felt like an easy target. I didn’t know where anything was. Maybe this isn’t a big deal for some people, but it freaked me the heck out. I was bullied in school, so I hate big crowds. I feel like I’m going to be attacked. The Supernatural Fleet helped me look at it as a hunt, and that made a big difference!

    I’ve watched Supernatural since season 2, and I’m a pretty solid Dean girl. J When I submitted my “hunt” to the Supernatural Fleet, they drew me a picture of Dean and Sam escorting me through the crowds. Can you imagine how safe that would be?!? I felt SO much better taking on the city after that. Now, when I start to feel afraid, I just imagine the boys following me and watching for trouble! And I’m more comfortable now. There’s more to explore, but I actually like Chicago now, and it doesn’t scare me!!

    MONSTER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!