About the SuperFleet

The CW's show Supernatural is more than a decade old. That means the Supernatural Family is AWESOME.

We must not stop being awesome.

We must become awesome-er.

The Supernatural Fleet (or SuperFleet) is a family reunion where fans’ grudges, disappointments, desired “ships,” and frustrations with Supernatural can be replaced with simple gratitude for the show’s existence.The creators of the SuperFleet know this concept is nothing new to such a dedicated fandom, but they sensed a need for a place for all the fandom's love to pool and amaze the world.

At its very heart, the SuperFleet exists to lavish support on anyone it can reach. It provides a place for family members to reflect on the show’s impact in their lives, to share what they’re hunting and get support, and to join other hunters’ hunts. Additionally, it channels family love to the Supernatural team, whether they are actors, actresses, caterers, directors, makeup artists, marketers, or custodians. Lastly, it splashes family love over the communities where it lives (which is pretty much everywhere).

The Fleet is based out of a town named Loveland (yes, really). There is no better-named home base for this project, because unconditional love is what it is all about. The SuperFleet is designed to be too good to be true – that is why the Hunt Snapshots, care packages, membership packets, and birthday gifts are all free. The only funding the SuperFleet receives is through merchandise or donations.

So get in a sweet old car, pick your music (or shut your cakehole depending on which seat you chose), and let's roll!

The Supernatural Fleet is a fan-run group and is not affiliated with the CW or with the CW's Supernatural.