Submit Hunt

Sharing can be scary.
Know that you are doing a brave thing that will help others.

Admiral Jane and Admiral Ann have your safety as their highest priority and have created a way for you to remain as anonymous as you wish. No one will know:
  • your name (your hunt will appear under the nickname you choose)
  • your face (the face on your Hunter Snapshot will be covered when posted online)
  • your contact information
You will have the option to publish your Hunt in the Hall of Hunters. If you choose not to publish, you will simply receive a care package and lots of love from the Fleet and the Winchesters.

If you do publish your Hunt, other Hunters have an option of sending you a message. This message will be sent to the Admirals and forwarded to you if approved. If the supporting Hunter includes contact information, it is up to your discretion to reply.

The Supernatural Fleet is not responsible for any continuing communication.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Hunt submission is TEMPORARILY paused due to an overwhelming response. The Admirals and the boys will work as quickly as possible to get it open again.

What can you do?

Connect with our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We will use social media to let you know we are ready to accept new Hunts. Hang in there. We want you!